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Stephen Walsh

The pioneers of CRM

About Stephen

Stephen has changed the culture of training and operational environments

Stephen has worked extensively with fixed-wing and rotary airlines and aviation companies around the world. He has lectured extensively around the world. He was the first person to qualify as a UK CAA CRMI & Examiner (Ground School) and also holds the UK CAA CRMI Examiner (Simulator) licence.

Common Behavioural Standards

He designed the Common Behavioural Standards © System, which has integrated non-technical CRM and technical assessment and has implemented this system to great effect in airlines worldwide. He has pioneered and championed the concept of the ‘constructive environment’ in both training and operations and revels in the eradication of negative and wasteful training practices.

Training and Consultancy

He also provided training and consultancy services with: security organizations in the development of national military training systems in Africa, inter-cultural communication & management programmes in the Middle-East and high-level development executive development programmes in SE Asia.

British Army

Formerly a Captain in the British Army, Stephen gained front-line operational experience before becoming the Chief Instructor of an Army Education Centre where he developed and delivered training in Management, Communication Skills, Instructor Training and Defence Analysis.