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APATS Conference 2011

The pioneers of CRM

APATS Conference 2011

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Stephen Walsh, in conjunction with Vietnam Airlines will be presenting at the Asia-Pacific Airline Training Symposium Ab Initio & Evidence Based Training in Hong Kong 8-10 March. Follow the link:

He will present on the second day:

The safety culture has been created through a decade of instructor and CRM programme development, including management of the development to balance ability with training needs. The presentation will cover the components of the system, use of Training Objectives, competency-based assessment, constructive reinforcement of behaviour, full integration of CRM concepts and positive behaviour outcomes. Notes how training has altered and improved instructor performance and behaviour and has eradicated subjective assessment and personality conflicts.

ABSTRACT: Evidence-Proven Training – Vietnam Airlines & The Common Behavioural Standards Training System:

The benchmark of quality in any operator is the instructional department beyond all others. Airlines tend to rely on non-standardised and subjective methods of instructors, instructional methodology and assessment. Line crews make errors everyday and the emphasis is placed on how they correct them. Why then is training conducted on the basis that someone’s score starts at 100 and is reduced on the basis of how many mistakes they make and then filtered through the instructor’s personal and subjective opinion? This is a negative training environment, produces poor performances and is financially unsustainable.

Efficient training environments must be constructive and open and provided by instructors and an instructional system that are standardised and objective by Evidence-Proven Training (EPT). This creates a constructive training environment that produces higher levels of performance and is financially sustainable. This is true for any operator: ab initio, commercial or military; fixed-wing or rotary; flight deck, cabin and ground support.

Instructors and trainees need a set of Common Behavioural (Performance) Standards to fully integrate the technical and non-technical aspects of performance in an objective, measurable and constructive manner. At its heart is trainee-centred instructional methodology which creates the opportunities for the trainee to demonstrate their (knowledge, skill, attitude) performances through transparent Training Objectives, Constructive Behaviours, competency-determined assessment and eradicates negative training practices, subjective assessment & personality conflicts.

Mai Anh Tuan & Nguyen The Phuong will offer personal perspectives on over a decade of capacity building and Knowledge Transfer Partnership co-operation with Vietnam Airlines, the key components of how this EPT through the CBS has transformed the attitudes and behaviour of Vietnam Airlines personnel.

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