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Zimex Aviation – Engineering HF/CRM/CBS Training

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Zimex Aviation – Engineering HF/CRM/CBS Training

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Over the last 12 months, Zimex has invested in enhanced training for their engineering personnel. Human Factors, Crew Resource Management and the Common Behavioural Standards were delivered in integrated courses.

8 Assessors completed a 6-day Assessors course and all engineering staff completed the 3-day HF/CRM/CBS initial course.

The response to the course was overwhelmingly positive, for example:

Vic Steward, Senior Project Engineer – “Absolutely fascinating, I wasn’t bored for a second.”

Peter Evans, Senior Project Engineer – “This is the only course in my career where I’ve actually been taught how to lead, manage and communicate with my colleagues – the key to improving safety.”

Johannes ‘Wieckus’ Naude – “A real opener – this course doesn’t just make you a better engineer, it makes you a better person. Never had any training like this in my life!”

Hugo Kopp, CEO -“Zimex is committed to investing in our people with quality training and development – this training embodies that commitment to investing in our people and ensuring safety .”

Whilst the course is tailored to the engineering environment, Zimex Engineers and Pilots now have common non-technical standards for human factors and CRM laid down in the Common Behavioural Standards Aide Memoire. Assessor mentoring will commence shortly to develop the Assessors skills and ensure standardisation.

It is anticipated that in the future, pilots and engineers will attend combined recurrent training.

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