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Origin of CRM – Historical clarification

The pioneers of CRM

Origin of CRM – Historical clarification

Monday, November 14th, 2011

In order to put the record straight, we issue the following statement:

“Interaction Trainers Limited are the pioneers of CRM training. We delivered the first CRM course in the world in 1977. The course was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in Amsterdam by John Costley who sadly passed away in 2009. WE were the first – not NASA nor United Airlines.

We taught the UK CAA what CRM was. We also designed the CRM training programmes for Boeing, Qantas, SAA, KLM, VNA et al. We continue to work on all 5 continents.

70-80% of all accidents result primarily from a CRM ‘failure’. We are the world’s experts on this subject and we hold our responsibilies at the highest level.

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