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Kalamata Pioneers

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Kalamata Pioneers

Monday, March 11th, 2013

ITL recently delivered the Common Behavioural Standards CRM Course to a group of Greek and Italian military flight instructors in Kalamata, Greece. The course was arranged by Lt.Col. Nick Malapanis. It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with Nick and his officers and we very much look forward to being of service to them in the future. We are honoured by the following testimony from Nick and in turn ITL salutes you:

“In March 2013, a group of military flight instructors of the Hellenic Air Force participated in a 3-day Common Behavioural Standards (CBS) Course, which took place in Kalamata, Greece. All participants were engaged in exercises, which gave the opportunity for Stephen Walsh to analyse in depth the behaviour of the trainees. CRM Certificates were given at the end of the course.

Stephen Walsh created a unique learning environment that fully engaged the participants and brought clarity to confusion.

As a result of this CBS course, Steve Walsh and CRM are totally interconnected in our minds. We wish we had invited you earlier. You opened new windows to our field of view.

We are looking forward to participating again in a CRM course.

Excellent and professional presentation skills, outstanding methodology. If professionalism has a name, this is STEPHEN WALSH.

We wish everybody to have the opportunity to participate in a CRM course that Stephen Walsh instructs.

Stephen Walsh is a charismatic CRM instructor. He is the CRM, not only in aviation but also in life. Thank you Steve for everything and especially for the inspiration that you transfer to us. We are better instructors now!!!!”

“Simplicity is happiness. Thank you Steve.”

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