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Zimex – Simulator On-the-Job Development (OJD) Feedback

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Zimex – Simulator On-the-Job Development (OJD) Feedback

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

During 2012, Zimex Simulator Instructors/examiners received one-on-one On-the Job Development (OJD) with the ITL Consul at their simulators in Toronto, Canada. The purpose was two fold:

1. To ensure that all are behaving/instructing/examing in the standardised manner they were taught on the SFIS/CBS courses.

2. To develop their instructional skills and particularly their use of the CBS Aide Memoire in the observation, assessment and de-briefing of the non-technical CRM skills.

Below are a selection of the feedback comments received from the participants.


‘Interaction Trainers has set and brought to our company what should be, and will be the NON-Technical standards of the WORLD Aviation Industry.’ Thanks again for your commitment and respect.

Olivier Massoutié, Safety Manager, Zimex Aviation.


You promised within 18-months we would have our pilots saying, “I’m looking forward to my next prof Check.” You’ve managed to achieve that in 6 months. The CBS System is fantastic when you see it in action. It’s not just the pilots and instructors performance that are improving, I see the whole maturity and professionalism of our company growing.

Angel Araque, Crew Training Manager, Zimex Aviation


The OJD was another great step forward in my personal career as an instructor. As mentioned already in the productive briefings and debriefings, lots of helpful and effective tools, skills and procedures are helping to make our training and checking more successful and at the end our operation more safe. Thanks a lot for your effort and see you again soon, for more…. 


As I’ve stated before, the CBS System is the greatest leap forward in aviation in 40 years. There’s a sign on the door at the simulator building in Toronto that reads, “The best trained aviation professionals walk through these doors”. They do now…

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