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Zimex – SFIS Instructor/Examiner/Trg Capt Feedback

The pioneers of CRM

Zimex – SFIS Instructor/Examiner/Trg Capt Feedback

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

During 2012, all Zimex Sim Instructors/Examiners and Line Training Captains participated in and passed the 5-day Standardised Flight Instructional Skills (SFIS) Course. The Common Behvaioural Standards (CBS) is fully integrated into the SFIS. below are a selection of the feedback comments received from the participants.

The CBS System will enable us to make a big jump as a company in terms of safety, competency, standardisation and professionalism.

Best course of its type in over 40 years of aviation, and the first CRM that was not just an academic box ticking exercise. Brilliant!

It would have taken us at least 10 years to design the CBS System. Wow!

I thought I might be improved 20% as an instructor and a pilot. It’s actually more like 120%! Thank you very much.

It has taught me the immense value of questions and how to listen more carefully.

This is the single best course I have attended in my aviation career, with probably the best instructor I have had the pleasure to learn from.

Steve makes a complex subject so simple that you wonder how you didn’t realise it before. Enlightening!!

The course and instructor were very well balanced and from the very first moment I could feel that I was part of the course. There was not one single boring moment at all. The best course I have ever done.

Really very happy to see the direction we are going in.

It was a pleasure. The key to success for professional and personal life. Thank you very much.

Steve Walsh/ITL – As the song goes,  “Nobody does it better…”

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