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Zimex – Common Behavioural Standards (CBS) Feedback

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Zimex – Common Behavioural Standards (CBS) Feedback

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

During 2012, all Zimex pilots participated in the 2-day Common Behavioural Standards (CBS) Course. Essentially this is a 2-day CRM Initial. However, all participants receive their own copy of the CBS Aide Memoire which is integrates all non-technical and technical performance. The CBS Aide Memoire is used in ALL training and checking at Zimex and line crews use it on the line as a means for objective self-refection of their daily performance. Below are a selection of the feedback comments received from the participants.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, head and shoulders above all other CRM courses.

Excellent methodology and presentation! Thanks. 

I only wish the course could have been longer. I’m really looking forward to the recurrents.

Steve creates a great learning  environment and kept me engaged throughout.

After all the CRM I’ve done before it is enlightening to finally get tools that enable us to work with clear, effective guidelines. The CBS is brilliant.

Steve is a master of CRM and effective instruction. Thank you

Steve Walsh lives CRM. He is CRM.

Very interesting course. It has really changed my personal views on many things. Thank you

Cheers Steven, it was inspiring! Best CRM ever!

Fantastic course. A real eye-opener. Really makes you take a good look at yourself. Thanks.

Very dynamic instructor who kept my attention throughout. Very deep knowledge of people, pilots and the industry.

Brilliant demonstration of what a CRM course should be!

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